Approval of the international project of Abolfars Petroleum Refinery in the Provincial Planning Council

Project approval:

Approval of Abolfars oil refinery project in the provincial planning council

Date of plan approval:

main contractor:

Abolfars International Petro Refining Company

Description of the meeting and statements of the governor of Khuzestan:

The construction project of Abolfars Petroleum Refinery was finally approved and approved by the Planning Council of Khuzestan Province. The governor of Khuzestan stated in this meeting: “We hope that with the approval of this industrial project, suitable job opportunities will be created in the region and the problem of youth unemployment will be solved to a large extent.” Contributing to the development and economic prosperity of the region was another point that was emphasized by the governor of Khuzestan.

A word from the CEO in order to approve the plan:

The CEO of Abolfars Petroleum Refinery confirmed the governor’s words and said: “Prosperity and economic prosperity of the region and helping youth employment is one of the main goals of the construction of this industrial complex and the employment of local forces is undoubtedly a priority of the petroleum refinery’s macro policies.”