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Abolfars petro refinery international company


Abolfars Petro-refinery Complex, as the First Petro-refinery Complex in Iran’s Private Sector Was established in 2020 in Abolfars region with oil Production Capacity of 50,000 barrels Per day, to manufacture Products in accordance with Global Standards up to 15 to 30% of Petrochemical Products. The investment of this project has been made by one of the largest industrial groups in the country. With a capital of 270 thousand billion rials who has 60 years of history in the field of industry and has a direct labor force of nearly 50000 people. During its several reputable and well know European companies in the field   of engineering.

Creating 112 direct job opportunities, by the end of November 2021 conditions for reverse migration are among the achievements of abolfares petroleum refinery complex the startup phase. Economically, assessing the future of global oil markets and the importance of the industry’s resilience to sanctions has made the construction of oil refineries such as Abolfars a necessity; this is because the increase in sanctions in recent years has put the Iranian oil based single product economy under the most severe pressure.

This issue the vulnerability of producing oil and selling it in the form of fuel has led iran’s policy in the field of macroeconomy towards a change in economic approach.

Moving To Words establishing Petro-Refinery Complex’s and Producing and Selling Petroleum Products instead of selling them in the form of crude products is one of the most important examples of the mentioned change in approach.

Abolfars Petro-refinery Complex located in ramhormoz has been found with the same attitude I.e., adopting an ant sanctions solution and strengthening the country’s job opportunities and eliminate deprivation, and therefore, Abolfars Petro-refinery Complex work to achieve the following axes:

_ developing the most added value with an open and fair management approach through interacting with stakeholders.

_ neutralizing sanctions and creating independency from crude oil exports

_ Sustainable increases in production and development of the petroleum products value chain

_ increasing share in international markets

_ trying to prevent environmental pollution by focusing on cleaning production processes

_ taking precautionary measures to reduce occupational hazards and ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

_ empowering the labor force to improve productivity