The words of the CEO

Due to the huge and valuable oil and gas reserves in our beloved country of Iran, and relying on existing facilities and capacities, including specialized and educated human capital in the country, we sought to build a modern petroleum refinery to produce petrochemical products in Abolfars region. . Environmental compatibility, waste-free, flare-free production and optimal and low water consumption are some of our concerns during the operation of this refinery. Economically, preventing the sale of crude oil, creating more added value, neutralizing sanctions, and reducing the country’s dependence on oil derivatives have been among our main goals in establishing this industrial complex.Due to the economic and social deprivation of Abolfars region and the widespread migration of labor in Khuzestan province due to unemployment and difficulty of livelihood, Abolfars oil refinery considers job creation and elimination of deprivation from this region as a social responsibility and among its main goals.